5 Tips for a budget boho beach wedding

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One year ago today I walked down the beach to marry my hippie love. We had a fairly simple dream of what our wedding day would look like: beach, ocean, friends and family, and lots of fun and love, all fairly standard wedding day requirements. But, we also had a few other requirements… time to catch up with our loved ones who travelled to be with us, time to relax, and we couldn’t justify spending a ridiculous amount of money on one day. When you add the word wedding to anything, prices go through the roof.

Last night, we sat looking through wedding photos and reflecting on our “wedding holiday.” It got me thinking about the amazing tribe we are fortunate enough to have in our lives, as each and every person contributed to our special day. All of which helped us have an amazing wedding.

So, one year on, here’s a few lessons we learnt to throw an awesome boho beach wedding without the over the top price tag…

1. Go Op-Shopping

The beauty of a boho wedding is that you can mix and match decorations and colour schemes as much as you like. So raiding op-shops and cheap stores for random bits and pieces to decorate can save you a truck load of money, as well as adding a bit of character to the party. We collected cutlery, candelabras, vases, and interesting decorated glasses for the tables. And then after the party, we took it all back to the op-shop for someone else to enjoy, with the added bonus that the op-shop gets to sell it again and raise money for charity.

2. Upcycle/Go Natural

Glass jars make excellent vases! They are the perfect height for tables at your wedding reception so that people can still see over the flowers to be able to talk to each other. Steel cans are wonderful candle holders. Wash them out, peel the labels off and poke hole patterns (with a nail and hammer) around the outside of the can, then place tealight candles inside for added mood lighting.

If you love the beach or outdoors, then your home is probably filled with trinkets collected from the beach or bush! All the shells and rocks and pieces of drift wood were finally put to use on our wedding day: decorating both our ceremony and reception locations.



3. Delegate

More often than not, your friends and family want to be involved in your wedding… let them! For us the day was about our tribe and having them involved in the details made it that much more special. Plus it cut down on our list of things to organise.

My mum and grandma cooked our wedding dinner meal, along with a team of bridesmaids and other guests who chipped in to prepare as much of the food the day before the wedding. My mum and a few other guests snapped photos and Bretto’s best mate brought kegs of home brew. And in the days before the wedding, when I didn’t have any wedding jewelry (because I hadn’t bothered looking) my mum made anklets and necklaces with shells and beads for the bridal party.

My sister offered to make our wedding cake and plan the wine and champagne list. And as my sister is highly organised and likes to practice, we had several cake and wine testing afternoons in the months leading up to the wedding, which was a lovely bonus and excuse to catch up and eat cake!

4. Slow Down

In the lead up to your wedding day, slow down. Take time to relax, catch up with family and friends who have travelled to be part of your celebration. Or set aside time after the day to be able to enjoy with your loved ones. We had family and friends travel to Byron Bay from as near as the Sunshine Coast and from as far as Kenya. So it was important to us to spend time with them. A wedding day disappears in a blur of adrenalin and excitement, make time for the people who mean the most to you.

5. Have Fun

At the end of the day, your wedding day is suppose to be fun. Don’t sweat the small details and enjoy your special day surrounded by the ones you love!




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