A Tribe Of Dreamers was born as a space to create and share my dreams. A space that worked in harmony with my study and desire to travel. And space where other dreamers could come to connect, inspire, and celebrate individuality and oneness. We are all about the dreamers, for the dreamers, and inspired by the dreamers of this world.

Originally conceived as a space to create and sell clothing, A Tribe of Dreamers has evolved to include the other members of my tribe: my husband, Bretto, and step-daughter, Ilah, as we share our adventures and musings on creativity, travel, life as a blended family, and living a conscious lifestyle on the blog. You’ll also find more about our yoga classes in our local community and online yoga offerings, as well as our shop which raises funds to support empowerment and education projects for women and children in Malawi, Africa.

Welcome to the tribe!


Wanderer, dreamer, creator, peacemaker, dancer, student, writer, yogi, hippie, free-spirit…

If I were to try and put a label on myself, these words are the first to spring to mind.

Student of life (and for at least the next 2 years, PhD student in Creative Writing – co-producing consciousness-raising fiction with young women in Malawi), I love to learn: about myself, about others, and about the world around us all. In the grand scheme of things, I’ve barely scratched the surface of the cultures, languages, people and places inhabiting this amazing planet. But every little foray into the world beyond my own existence creates more questions than answers and inspires me to continue searching, seeking and learning.

Emma Makepeace xx


Water babies, muso’s and chill out connoisseurs. Brett and Miss Ilah love nothing more than jamming together on the keyboard, drums or guitar or hanging out camping.

The water is Brett’s true home. Give him a board and he will happily pass hours away surfing, wake skating or body boarding with Ilah. He has recently discovered the art of camp oven cooking and is eagerly searching for our next home… a bus, that he can deck out for us to travel around Australia in.

Ilah overflows with creativity. She loves to write her own songs and collect shells and feathers on our travels. She has become passionate about collecting litter where ever we go, especially when we’re on the beach so that it doesn’t end up in the ocean and harm the turtles and dolphins.

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