When you have a dream, or a goal, it can seem big and scary and impossible to ever make your dream a reality. But, when you break your dream down into it’s smallest parts and begin to take action to work towards each small step, before you know it, you’ll be living your dream… and it will be greater than anything you could’ve ever imagined.

Take our little dreamer, for instance, at the beginning of 2017 Ilah decided she wanted to save the turtles. This was her Karma yoga goal for herself for the year. Something she could do that would contribute to the community or environment. A goal that required her to serve others without any reward. Late last year, she had become aware of the issue of plastic straws getting stuck in turtles noses and drowning the turtles, she became very passionate about finding a way to stop this from happening.

To begin with, Ilah listed a few steps she could take to help her accomplish her goal to Save the Turtles. The first was to pick up rubbish every time we were at the beach or park. The second was to reduce our single use plastic consumption at home. The third was to write a blog post offering her tips to others on how we can all help protect the turtles. After Ilah’s tips to Save the Turtles blog post went live, a fellow dreamer wrote to us and suggested Ilah create a reusable shopping bag, that people could buy, to encourage everyone to stop using plastic bags. Ilah loved the idea and we began researching costs, design options, and local environmental charities that Ilah could connect with to donate the proceeds from the sale of her turtle bags too.

Last Wednesday Ilah’s turtle bags arrived! We launched them for sale through our Facebook page. On Thursday, a local shop in our community, Top2Toe Massage, took some of Ilah’s turtle bags to sell and support her cause. Then, on Thursday afternoon we received an email from a local group of volunteers who monitor the turtle nests on Bribie Island: The baby loggerhead turtles from one of the nests had just hatched. Would Ilah like to come along for the nest excavation?

Ilah’s response: YES!!!!

When she first set herself this goal she had never imagined that visiting a turtle nest would be a part of her journey. Did she want to see a turtle in real life? Of course! But, this was just as good an experience. While the turtles had already hatched, she was excited to see what a turtle nest looked like, to touch the empty egg shells, to ask questions about how the turtles lay their eggs and how the baby turtles get out of the shell. She told the research students (who were in charge of the excavation and documenting the number of eggs in the nest) about her own plan to save the turtles and the work she has been doing. They offered her some advice and suggested that she visit Mon Repos to watch the turtles hatch and make their way to the water.

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119 out of 125 eggs hatched from this nest. The average nest has 127 eggs. 1 out of every 1000 turtles makes it to adulthood.

As we walked back up the beach, after the turtle nest excavation, we talked about just how much Ilah had accomplished towards her goal and the fact that we are not even two months into the year yet! Imagine what she could accomplish in a full year! The bigger lesson out of all of this, though, is this: when you have a dream, and you set a plan and and start to put your plan into action, the universe jumps on board to help you out. Ilah wasn’t afraid of how big her dream was. She just knew she needed to do something to make a difference. She started out with small steps that she personally could achieve and then other people began to get involved, offering ideas and experiences/opportunities that she might not have had herself or had access to.

Anything is possible. Let go of your fears and see where your dreams take you!



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