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The Universe has a plan for us all. Sometimes we struggle to see it, especially when difficult, traumatic, or dark experiences arise. You know the saying… there can be no light without the dark (or something like that). Well, it’s true! Light cannot exist without darkness. Darkness cannot exist without light. We perceive darkness to be a negative trait, but perhaps this is not the case. A seed planted underground does not sit there and go “shit my life is over” or “why me?” Or “what did I do to deserve this darkness?” No. A seed knows that there is light just above the surface, and if it keeps reaching & climbing it will eventually break through to reconnect with the light. The seed does not come from a place of fear of the darkness. Instead, it looks for love (the light) to help it grow & bloom.

Universal Warnings

I am no stranger to traumatic experiences (as I’m sure is the same for many of you). These traumatic experiences are placed in our path when we refuse to hear or we miss the Universe’s other warnings (that the Universe has usually been sending us for weeks & months beforehand & in our rush & attachment to the outcomes of our goals we miss the more subtle signs). At the time we have 2 choices when the huge Universal slap across the face hits…

1) lose ourselves to the darkness. Or
2) connect to the light

I’m not saying to disregard all emotions and grief towards the event. It’s incredibly important to process traumatic experiences. But as you crack open & begin to process, always connect back to the light. Come from a place of love. Because love heals all.

When you ignore the warnings the Universe steps in…

I was involved in a car accident five days ago. Unfortunately, one person lost their life in this tragic accident. And it was just that… an accident. There was nothing any of us could do in that moment to change the outcome. The Universe had us all heading for each other with lessons each of us had to learn. I was 2 days into a month-long trip to another country to do research for my PhD. And all of a sudden the Universe delivered the swift slap across the face. And everything has come to a grinding halt. Clearly, I was not on the right path anymore. At this point I had 2 choices:

1) drown in guilt & blame & fear. Or
2) be grateful for the many blessings & lessons that have come from this experience & will continue to evolve over time.

My Universal Assignment

I choose to come from a place of love & be grateful.
 Without this experience, I may not have realised my life was so off track & may still be pushing forward against the flow of what I truly desire from this lifetime.

My lessons so far…
 With this experience, I am aware of how fortunate I am to be alive, healthy & loved. And completely unharmed physically from the accident.
 I am aware that God/the Universe has a plan for each & every one of us, including the person who lost their physical life. The Divine clearly has a greater purpose for them or our paths would not have crossed in this way.
 I am learning to release my Ego attachment to emotions, allowing everything to flow & be present in each moment. Cry when I need to. Laugh & smile when I need to. Be angry or pissed off as it rises. Don’t bottle it up!
 With this experience, I am learning to trust my intuition & the Universe. I am learning to surrender control. I am part of the Universe & it is a part of me.

The Path of Least Resistance

If you have to fight against everything to reach your desired outcome, then perhaps it’s time to step back & re-evaluate. Perhaps it’s time to surrender the how & trust the Universe & your intuition. If you are truly doing your soul’s work the Universe will guide you as it sees fit, helping you to effortlessly learn & grow along the way. If you are living your life for others or based on should do’s, then STOP!! Take a moment. Take several moments!! And come back to your WHY, your passion, your purpose. It’s okay to walk away from things that no longer serve you… no matter how much time or energy you’ve invested. Otherwise, be prepared for the Universe slapping you across the face in order to WAKE YOU UP!

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