Reset Your Soul Program

We live in a fast-paced modern world. We rush from one thing to another, with to-do lists that never end and time that doesn’t extend to ourselves. And one of the most important parts of keeping us functioning at our best is the thing we usually spend the least (if any) amount of time on! I’m talking about SELF-CARE!

As someone who runs an online business, studies full-time, cares part-time for kids and has endometriosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Hashimoto’s Disease, I’ve spent the last few years learning the art of slowing down and looking after myself. I see so many women putting themselves last, all because they think they need to be everything to everyone else. If you need to start making time for YOU, then Reset Your Soul is exactly where you need to be!!


  • Self-guided and email content centered around weekly themes:
    • I am Strong
    • I am Balanced
    • I am Grounded
    • I am Loved
  • Four weekly yoga practice videos
    • 30 minute guided practice
    • Lifetime access to these videos
  • Reset Your Soul eBook full of self-love rituals, breathing and meditation guides, recipes, care practices and more!
  • “I Am” Affirmation Workbook
  • Journal Prompts Workbook
  • Grounding meditations
  • Balancing masculine and feminine energies


$44 AUD


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$66 AUD

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