Courage: the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

How do you connect with your courage? Courage requires us to face up to the things and emotions in our life that scare us. It requires us to believe in ourselves and trust in not only ourselves but others and the Universe. Sometimes, courage requires us to say yes and sometimes to say no. And sometimes we just have to summon the courage to ask the Universe for what we really want!

Because it is the things we desire the most – our dreams and goals – that are often the scariest things to ask for. We grow up feeling as though money, love, health, and desires are either only obtainable through hard work or only for those who are lucky. When, in fact, everything we want is available to us. The Universe wants to give us what we want… we just need to find the courage to ask!!

Find your voice…

I used to lose my voice six times a year. I’d be at work scribbling notes on a notepad to communicate with other staff. Or worse, hoarsely squeaking at a baby or toddler in my care in an attempt to get their attention. I’d follow the same routine every time this happened: antibiotics, pushing through and continuing to work because I couldn’t afford time off work, and wondering why I’d lost my voice again!

And then I ended the long-term relationship I had been in… and I’ve never lost my voice since. I’d finally found the courage to speak up. To change my circumstances. I finally realised I deserved more from life, I deserved to be happy. And my voice never had a reason to disappear again.

Connect with your courage…

I’m not going to lie, this can be terrifying to do. Firstly, the pressure we place on ourselves to be perfect is ridiculous!! Which quickly sets off our fears, insecurities, doubts and provides us with the perfect excuse to self-sabotage our lives! So how do we connect with our courage?


Believe it or not, self-care is a key component to connecting to your courage. When you take care of yourself, the Universe sees this. The Universe picks up on the energy you emit, so when you love and care for yourself, the Universe will send more of this energy your way!

The other reason for self-care is that when you love and care for yourself, you realise that you deserve all that you desire in this lifetime. And you connect with your courage to ask for what you want. Courage comes to those who know they deserve more, deserve better, and deserve all that they desire.


Draw on your support networks!! Don’t feel supported by your current support network? Then it’s time to find a new tribe! This is itself requires courage. It’s terrifying trying to find a group of people with similar thoughts, dreams and beliefs as you… but I can promise you it is totally worth it!!

Consider this… you are most like the 5 people you spend the most time with. So who are you spending all of your time with??

Are they lifting you up? Or are they full of doubt and fear and dragging you down?

There are people in this world who cheer others on, who motivate, support and inspire each other! They love to see people succeed, but they are also there when shit gets tough. You only need ask the Universe to help you find your tribe. They exist. Know that you deserve all the support and love in the world. And watch as you begin to attract your tribe to you!!

You are not alone!

We are all finding our way along our own journeys in this life. But that doesn’t mean we have to face it alone. If you would like to connect with other women at different stages of their journey to connect with their courage join us in the Women with Dreams Facebook Page or check out the Women with Dreams Seminar if you live in the Brisbane/Sunshine Coast region in Australia. For full details head to the Women with Dreams Seminar: Connect with your Courage Page. The Women with Dreams Seminar is next Thursday 30th November in Caboolture. Tickets are available to purchase from now until 11.59pm AEST Tuesday 28th November.

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