Why do we think we deserve so little? What is it that triggers us to think we are not worthy of love and abundance in our lives?  We see others living lives that we are envious of and wonder why can’t that be me? Self-sabotage, we are all guilty of it. From the flippant comments that disregard a compliment to ending a relationship before the partner has a chance to leave you. Every day we place limits on ourselves and our abilities. Instead of trusting ourselves/the Universe/God, we slam on the breaks, hit reverse and get the hell out of there. But, imagine if you let go of the doubts, surrendered the fears… imagine what could be possible…

Why do we self-sabotage?

There are a lot of reasons, but, doubt, lack of clarity, the discomfort of the unknown, and fear rank right up there. And, we don’t trust ourselves. But our trust in ourselves relates back to doubt and fear.

Doubt is by far one of the biggest killers of dreams. Say you have an awesome business idea. You can see the what, where and why of every part of your idea. You feel it in your gut that this will work. You’re so excited that you tell a family member, partner, friend. Their face screws up, they don’t realise it at first and try to mask the look, but it’s too late. You’ve seen it. What if, they ask. What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s too hard? And the seed has been planted. Your mind latches on and the what ifs are running thick and fast. The what ifs suddenly outweigh the amazing plan you had in your mind and another amazing idea disappears, buried under the weight of doubt that killed it.

Fear. We fear to succeed. We fear to fail. Fear stops us in our tracks before we ever get started. Fear looks for any excuse to get us to change our mind, to go with what we already know, to stay comfortable. We create stories in our mind of things we are afraid of and use these stories to prevent ourselves from accessing the things we want or desire. Fear comes in many forms. Realising fear for what it is can be difficult. But, on the other side of those fears could quite possibly be the most amazing moment of your life.

What is your Why?

When you are not clear on your why fear and doubt can swoop in and fizzle out an idea in an instant. Goals are really important for getting clear on what you want. But, having too many goals can cause all sorts of problems. The better you know and understand your WHY – why you want/desire something, why you want to change your life, why you choose to do something – the clearer the path will be to get you to your goal.

When you figure out your why, the details will flow easily to you. Ideas and goals won’t feel so overwhelming because you are clear on why you are implementing them, even if you can’t quite understand the how.

You deserve more…

The people you most admire, whether it’s in business or personally, what do you admire about them. What makes them any different to you? You deserve everything you desire and dream of, just as they do. But the only person who can convince YOU that you DESERVE it… is YOU!!! So kick fear and doubt to the curb. Let go of your limiting beliefs and stop sabotaging yourself. You deserve more!!!

If you’d like to dive deeper into kicking your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns join us in Women with Dreams for a 5-day challenge and let’s kick those fears and doubts out of your life. Starts Monday 28th August 2017.

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