We are told so many stories growing up about how to live our lives. These stories come from our families, advertisements, magazines, the books we read, and our local communities. These stories tell us how we should behave, how we should dress, how we should think and act. Nevermind, if the story doesn’t sit with our personality, everyone would prefer it if we kept the status quo though. It’s okay for us to feel uncomfortable… as long as everyone else is not inconvenienced or uncomfortable. These stories only offer one perspective of how to live life.

But one perspective could never begin to encompass the greatness that comes from our uniqueness. Outside of the labels, the boundaries created (but no one can remember who or why they were created in the first place), is where we truly begin to shine.

Sorting through the jumble

“You can’t run your own business with kids.”

“It’s time you settled down and got married.”

“When are you going to have kids… you’re not getting any younger you know.”

Sound familiar?? There are a lot of voices out there competing for space in your brain. Our inner voice can be swallowed up by the noise of it all, or even worse… start to join in.

So how do we sort through the jumble of noise? How do we know which perspective on life, dreams, running a business is the one for us to follow?

Firstly, STOP!

Take a breath.

Then get the noise out of your head and onto a page (or virtual page/audio recording). Seeing through the haze of opinions and perspectives is much easier when you have space (mentally and physically) to do so. Write down how you feel about the noise others in your life are creating. Explore what resonates with you and why, or what doesn’t resonate and why. Then write down what you want for your life, because, after all, you are the only one living it.

A day in the life

Imagine what a day in your dream life would look like. What are you doing? Who are you with? How many hours a week do you work (if you work at all)? Are you your own boss? Have you retired yourself? Where are you on this particular day?

Write down every little detail. Once you are clear on what your dream life looks like, then you can get to work on creating it.

Changing Perspective

Now the real work begins. Knowing what your dream life looks life and creating it are two very different things. Firstly, we need to have faith in ourselves. Faith in our abilities to do the work and faith that the universe has our back. Secondly, we need courage. Courage to take a risk, to think outside the box, and create what we dream is possible. Then we need support. For those days where our inner mean girl makes us doubt ourselves. For the days when we don’t know where to go next. Or for the days when it all feels too difficult and we just want to give up. And lastly, we need to be open. Open to signs the universe lays out for us. Open to new ways of thinking and doing. And open to changes to our grand plans.

There will always be multiple ways to approach challenges, tasks, the goals we set ourselves, and life in general. The key is to listen to yourself. Listen to that inner voice/gut feeling/instinct and trust in it. Will you be successful? I don’t know. But, if you’ve tried, you are more successful and one step closer to living your dream life than if you never tried at all.

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