So, if you haven’t heard by now, essential oils are pretty amazing! Those little bottles packed with a concentrated punch of all-around natural goodness, We use them for heaps of different reasons in our house. Self-care, first aid, cleaning, added to snacks for a tasty treat, and sleep. Yep, for those nights when the mind won’t shut off, or autoimmune aches and pains keep me tossing and turning, essential oils have been a massive help is calming my mind, soothing my body and promoting a good night sleep.

I personally love and use doTerra essential oils (I am a Wellness Advocate and have added some links to where you can purchase these), but the information shared below applies to whatever brand of essential oil you feel aligned with using. Always do a patch test with essential oils first to ensure your skin doesn’t react.


Here are 5 essential oils to have on hand to support you to have a good night sleep too, plus a few ways to use them!


Is there nothing lavender can do?? It relaxes, soothes pain, and calms the mind and body. Pop a drop on your pillow or on a tissue in your pillow at night, blend with fractionated coconut for a soothing foot massage before bed, or pop a few drops in the bath, or on a cloth in the shower, to bring some relaxation to your nightly routine.


Vetiver¬†calms the mind. Which, let’s face it, is what keeps most of us awake at night! When our mind is churning with tomorrow’s to-do list, stresses from the day/week that’s been, and all the other stuff our mind seems to dredge up right before sleep time, it’s pretty difficult to fall asleep. A very calming and grounding essential oil (perfect for use when the full moon energy starts to get to you too!), try blending with fractionated coconut oil and massaging a small amount on the back of the neck before bedtime or pop a few drops in your diffuser earlier in the evening to encourage the mind to start to wind down.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang not only smells amazing, but it is amazing for your whole mind and body. It aids in boosting your mood, relaxation, and is commonly used in hair and skin products or as a perfume. Place some Ylang Ylang in an Epsom salt bath to promote relaxation and clearing the mind before bedtime.


The queen of self-care! Bergamot can relieve feelings of anxiousness, nervous tension, and stress, as well as relax the muscles and calms the emotions. Apply to the skin in the shower (mix with a carrier oil if required) to calm the mind and body or pop a few drops in the diffuser early in the evening.


Marjoram has a positive effect on the nervous system. With it’s calming properties, Marjoram is a perfect essential oil to add to your sleep time toolkit! Massage to the back of the neck or the bottom of your feet (or your child’s feet) to reduce stress and help to settle before bedtime.

Have you got a favourite sleep time blend or oil you use? Share your favourites in the comments below!


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