Early this year we sat down and wrote out our goals and dreams for 2017. One of Ilah’s goals this year is to save the turtles by picking up rubbish every time we go to the beach, as well as changing her habits at home so she doesn’t make as much rubbish. Ilah wanted to share some of her tips she has come up with so far for making less rubbish and saving turtles from drowning or choking. The following blog post is written by Ilah…

The day after New Years we were going out on the boat with my grandparents in Perth. While we were waiting for the boat to go in the water I saw heaps of rubbish in the park beside the water. There were cups, plastic bread roll bags, plastic knives and forks, straws, and chippie packets. I wanted to pick it all up so it wouldn’t blow into the water and the turtles wouldn’t mistake the plastic for jellyfish and eat it. My Granna and Emma helped me pick up rubbish until the park was clean. We filled a whole bag with rubbish other people had left behind.

A little while ago I also learned that straws that end up in the ocean can get stuck in turtles nostrils and they can’t breath properly. Then the other day we learned that “Every year, enough plastic is thrown away to circle the Earth four times!” (1 Million Women). There is plastic everywhere and I wanted to stop using so much plastic so that less plastic would end up in the ocean and the turtles wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Here are my top tips for Saving the Turtles!

1)Say NO to straws

If you go out for lunch or dinner with your family and you buy a drink, ask the restaurant for a drink with NO straw. You can buy reusable straws that can be washed and used again for at home.

2)Pick up rubbish on the beach and parks even if it’s not yours.

If you see some rubbish when you go to the beach, pick it up and take it to a bin or home with you to your bin. If you don’t have a bag to collect rubbish in, use your sand bucket to collect rubbish. If something doesn’t look safe: DON’T TOUCH. Ask an adult to help you if you’re not sure about a piece of rubbish or it’s broken glass or something else that looks like it could hurt you. Always remember to wash your hands afterwards. You can use a wet wipe or hand sanitizer until you get somewhere were you can wash your hands properly.

3)Try to cut down on the amount of plastic you use at home. 

Eat fresh fruit for snacks instead of foods in packets. Don’t buy toys that come in extra plastic packaging. Pack your school lunches in containers instead of cling wrap. Recycle as much stuff as you can!

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