Ah Spring, a time of growth, change and new opportunities. For us in the southern hemisphere, we are also in the sprint to the end of the year. BBQs, Christmas parties and days catching up with friends fill our schedules as the weather warms up! Which is great! Except that it means there is very little time to slow down and take care of your soul.

Out of whack

When the mind and body are rushed and out of balance we become anxious and stressed. Illness and depression creep in. We become disconnected to our soul and our energy runs out quickly.

The changes in season, the phases of the moon, stress… all of these things contribute to throwing our mind, body and soul out of balance. Being aware of what is going on in our lives is an important step to help us navigate the energy around us. Creating time and space for self-care is another vital step to ensure we are able to reset our energy supplies and bring balance back to the soul.

Self-Care for the Soul Schedule

You book in doctor’s appointments, car services and cleaning your house to your to-do list or diary/planner… but what about self-care? Do you allocate time for taking care of you? Why do your car and house (non-living things) take higher priority than you (a living breathing being)?

Partly, we do this because we feel guilty if we spend time, money, energy on ourselves. We feel as though we don’t deserve to look after ourselves. Why? It’s the way we’ve been brought up. It’s the way society has conditioned us to think. We have limiting beliefs and stories we have constructed in our mind that stop us from taking care of ourselves. And then we wonder why we snap and burn out, fall ill, or have an emotional breakdown.

Self-care is just as valid a use of your time as looking after others or servicing your car. For every work related task on your to-do list, there needs to be a balance with one personal related task scheduled in. Make time to read a chapter of that book you’ve been dying to pick up. Book that massage and know that you are investing in yourself. Buy or pick yourself a bunch of flowers and feel the joy that they bring you. Reset your mind, body and soul. Because you are worth it!!


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